ChasmQuest: a DND 5e Actual Play Podcast

S3E8 - The Fate of Our Love

April 6, 2021

The Rowdy Boys get a chance to catch their breath within the Forgotten Caverns. Amidst the dwarven ruins the crew uncovers ancient stories, tales of war and dragons. The ghosts of the past still yet remain in these dark chambers. Khol-Uun finds himself face to face with a piece of his own past, and finally our boys get a chance to rest and yes, spar. 

Andrew Palmer - Dungeon Master and Creator, Micah Jordan - Thelneous, Collin Allen - Khol-Uun, Brad Kinnison - Rory, Taylor Haydel - Eyas and Graphic Design

Sam Anderson - Composer, Darin Pegram - Sound FX

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ChasmQuest is a D&D podcast where we use the Dungeons and Dragons 5e system, a tabletop roleplaying game (ttrpg), to tell you a story. We blend the styles of actual play DnD RPG and audio drama to bring you a fun-filled adventure with both hilarity and heart pounding action. You're sure to fall in love with our PCs and NPCs in this completely original fantasy world and narrative. Listen now as the dice determine our destiny.

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